7 Bedroom Behaviors that could be killing your marriage

According to data from the National Survey of Family Growth, up to 58 percent of first marriages fall apart within the first 10 years. To put it another way, getting married is like flipping a coin—heads, WE stay together; tails, WE get divorced. we might read that statistic or immediately assume that we’re one of the lucky 42 percent, but it’s just as likely we’re not. In fact, it’s a good bet we’re making marriage-killing mistakes on the daily without even realizing it. 7 Bedroom Behaviors that could be killing your marriage

Bad Habit #1–Selfishness

God’s design for marriage is that each looks to the welfare of their mate. For many years a small plaque graced our home that read, “Each for the Other, Both for the Lord.” We quickly ascribe to that ideal, but in practice, selfishness prefers, “Me for Me, and You for Me.” It takes work to keep a marriage alive or healthy, work that dies to self or lives for the Lord, loving or serving Him diligently.


Bad Habit #2–Porn Addiction

Maybe viewing porn videos together begins with the hope that it will enhance bed romance in the marriage, but it never delivers what it promises. In fact, it will ultimately destroy the true love or passion described in the Song of Solomon. True sexual love is pure or holy, and private between a husband and a wife.


Bad Habit #3– Prioritising screen-time over quality time with your spouse



Bad Habit #4– Going to bed at different times



Bad Habit #5– Being inconsiderate of your spouse’s schedule




6. Not connecting with each other before going to sleep


7. Poor Communication Skills


Children learn speech by imitation. Whether by imitating how to pronounce a word or the tone with which it is said, communication become so habitual we believe we say it the right way. But as we become more educated, we learn there are certain rules about how we speak.

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