6 Reasons Why Your Blog Gets No Traffic, Blog traffic

6 Reasons Why Your Blog Gets No Traffic, Blog traffic

Have you launched a new Website and update a new post every day? But even then no one can read your post on your Website. The traffic is almost equal.

If you are in this situation, then you should read this Article 6 Reasons Why Your Blog Gets No Traffic.

If there is such a Sad situation, you may have been disappointed. But do not be disappointed, today in this article we are going to tell you the reason for the people, due to which there is no traffic on the Website.


Learn 6 Reasons Why Your Blog Gets No Traffic


1-If Your Blog Is New Now

If you have started a new blogging then you should not be scared that your website is not getting traffic. It has been seen mostly that it takes 8-11 months for any new website to reach the logo.

If you want people to come to your website, then you have to comment on other website related to the topic of your website. You will have to write a guest post, and your website’s URL must be submitted in the author’s information section.

This way you can not get too much traffic on your website, yet this is the way to advertise your website. Knowing other people about your website/Blog.


2- Not Interesting Content

If your website/Blog has been 8 months, then the traffic is not coming to the website, then it is time to review the content written on your website once more.

It is possible that the content that you have written for the People is not interstitial. So that people read it.

Think about your targetive visitor what they want and you prepare the article or content for your visitor.

The subject in which the visitor has a lot of interest is written on the same subject. Or you wrote on the subject in which your visitor is having a problem.


3- Write Promotional Content

If you are writing an post or content for the purpose of selling only a product on your Website/blog, then this type of content does not like the visitor at all. And they leave the blog.

This increases the bounce rate of your blog or also decreases traffic.

People need an informative content and the content should be such that their problems can be diagnosed.


4- Content is written for search engine

very big problem today people all over the world get more traffic or write such types of content that they want rank quickly in the search engine.

New writers often stuffing keywords in this type of content. To which the content goes to the search engine, not for the visitor.

Any time you write a content, you write the visitor in mind only, if the content is good or you have promoted it properly, people will be more interested in that content or the traffic of your blog will also increase.


5- Mobile Friendly Blog Design

If your blog’s design is not mobile friendly, then your blog traffic will not come because 80 percent of the people now prefer to open any blog or website on mobile.

And not being mobile friendly for your blog prevents your visitor from coming to your blog.

So you must check your blog’s design in many browsers and on different platforms. That’s working well all over the browser and on all platforms. You can use any compatibility tool for this.


6- Do not post regular

One of the reasons why traffic does not come out is the biggest reason behind the fact that you start blogging with loud noise but after a few days stop posting on it.

If you do not update the blog regularly, the number of visitors will start decreasing and they will stop coming to your blog.

No one likes to visit the Dead Blog