3 Ways to Convert PDF to GIF | Convert your PDF file to GIF

3 Ways to Convert PDF to GIF | Convert your PDF file to GIF

The PDF file that we call portable document format is such a document representation. With this help, we represent or convert any document file into a portable format.

With this help, we can easily read the entire document files. Some people find it difficult to convert PDF files to a gif file that is graphic interchange format. Our post will be solved from you in this post.

By this post you will know Convert PDF to GIF and know about their steps.


Pdf to gif converter – Online & Offline Free

Let us first tell you something about gif files like what is gif file?

What is a gif file?

Gif (graphic interchange format) is a type of image format that shows the document file as an image or shows it. Geoff was first created by Steve Wilhelm in 1987, a famous computer expert. It displays any image with a speed of 8 bits per pixel.


In today’s time it has become easy to convert PDFs into GIFT, there are many online and offline apps and software with which we can convert pdf to gif.

There are many types of online pdf converter that can convert pdf to any file format such as tif, jpg, gif, png, jpeg or you can convert offline pdf file with the help of easy pdf online.


3 Ways to Convert PDF to GIF | Convert your PDF file to GIF Online Offline – STEPS

How to convert pdf online:

You must first go to www.onlineconverter.com on Google Online. After that, when the home page opens, then you have to follow the steps to show below.

Firstly, you have to select the pdf file that you want to convert to gif.

Now you have to click the upload icon.

You will then have to click on the icon of the Gift Convert.

As soon as you click on GIF, you will get a convert option which is clicked after your pdf file
Convert to gif.

After this you can save this file by downloading it on your computer or mobile.


3 Ways to Convert PDF to GIF and Convert your PDF file to GIF offline:

First of all, you need to go to the Google app store and install the easy pdf applications.

As soon as the app is installed, the app will have to open.

After the Opening is done, you have to select the selected file option to select your pdf file which you want to convert.

Once the file is selected, your file will be converted as soon as you click on the option of convert in to GIF FORMAT.

After that you can download this file on your mobile and save it.

You can convert the pdf file to gif by following the steps mentioned above. Apart from this, if you want to know the information about other posts related to it, then continue reading other posts of our website.