If You Accept These 5 Things of Yoga, Then Understand That Life Is Successful.

Yoga makes the body, mind and soul pure and healthy. If you want to be successful in any field in life, then you need to be fit. Due to the run-of-the-mill lifestyle, many diseases and grief are born, as well as a person fails on many fronts of life. In such a situation, if you adopt the 10 measures of yoga mentioned here, then your heart and mind will be right and you will get happiness, peace, healthy body, mental fortitude and success in your life.


Many people say that we do not have time to do yoga, for those people, organ-circulation or subtle exercises. It is done before the beginning of the asanas. This makes the body ready to do asanas. Under subtle exercises, the eyes, neck, shoulders, heels, toes, knees, buttocks, hips, etc.


The work of digesting food in our body and keeping the body healthy is done by the air coming from the breath. This is called life force. If the wind goes out, then it is death. Air is life, food and water are not primary. That is why it is necessary to keep this life healthy. For this, if you keep on doing Anulom-Vilom Pranayama, it will in a way purify your inner organs and subtle nerves.


Massage the body by means of friction, dandana, pat, vibration and joint transmission. This strengthens the muscles. Blood circulation goes smoothly. It also removes stress and depression. The body becomes radiant and the mind becomes happy.


Fasting is essential in life. Fasting is self-restraint, determination and austerity. Due to this the dirt accumulated in the body comes out. If you do not observe a complete fast once a week, then you are definitely doing injustice to the body. Eat meals on time and watch what you are eating. It is also important to see in what quantity you are eating. Moderate diet has been discussed in Yoga.

5.Yoga Hand Mudras-

It does not take much time to do the hand postures of yoga. You only need to learn once. You can do this anytime anywhere. With this, where a healthy body can be found, it also keeps the brain healthy. Knowing the hand gestures well and regularizing it, then you will get benefit.