15 Tricks to make waxing less painful, Waxing Smooth And Painless

15 Tricks to make waxing less painful, Waxing Smooth And Painless

Nothing is more painful than your breakup… wait-wait, actually nothing is more painful than waxing. But you cannot just avoid it unless you are okay with a hairy torso. However, Here are the top 15 tricks to have less painful waxing.


After the shower

Try or get a warm water shower before waxing, it will help soften hair or will also open your pores and turning waxing less painful.


Never while you are on periods

Don’t think about waxing if you are on your periods because that is the time of month when you’re extra-sensitive to pain.


Loose-fitting clothes

Post waxing; opt to wear clean or loose-fitting cotton clothes as wearing too tight clothes can irritate your fresh waxed skin.


Take short breaths

Taking short or quick breaths helps you manage pain. It is a very natural process and no matter how stupid you will look while doing it.


Opposite is better

Always pull the wax strip in the opposite direction of hair growth and it may sound odd but will minimize the pain.



Scrub off the dead skin the night before waxing  and it will exfoliate the hair follicles or reduce the waxing pain.


No coffee and alcohol

Avoid taking coffee and any alcoholic stuff before waxing.  Having caffeine or alcoholic drinks or substance can turn your skin extra sensitive.


Stretch it out

Getting your of body stretched before waxing can make it less painful. Not joking, try it!


Let them grow out

Let the body hair grow a little bit more. Waxing small or prickly hair can make waxing a lot painful.


Do not shave

Try not to shave body hair, it disturbs the hair growth or makes waxing painful.


Taking all at once, not a good idea

When you are waxing your arms and legs, take a small patch of hair first. Trying to wax a large amount of hair can give you some really unbearable pain.


Do not wax what you shouldn’t

Never wax the hair that you shouldn’t, eyelashes, nose hair, eyebrows or other sensitive areas of bodies.


Let it cool down first

Do not apply hot wax on your skin, I repeat, do not apply hot wax on your goddamn skin. Let it cool down a bit 1st, there’s no hurry.