13 Workout Hacks Every Girl Needs To Know!

13 Workout Hacks Every Girl Needs To Know!

: Think outside the box or our reward will be a better and more efficient workout. Use these ‘hacks’ to our advantage to become the envy of the weight room!

Americans are clocking longer hours and sleeping less or commuting farther than ever before to meet the demands of an ever-more competitive workforce.

If the next generation is going to take on these difficult challenges and they will need to be properly equipped, both mentally or physically. Finding the time to fit a brief workout into a daily routine not only makes all the difference in relieving stress but can dramatically improve quality of life as well.


Hack 1: Stretch every day, as often as possible


Hack 2: Get your cardio in after your workout, not before it.



Hack 3: Dance like no one is watching.



Hack 4: Game-ify your workout for the most meta-exercise ever.


Hack 5: Listen to music or your favorite podcast for a more intense workout.



Hack 6: Join a group, either at the gym or in the community.



Hack 7: Make the workout a routine in order for it to stick.



Hack 8: Exercise in the mornings for all-day energy.



Hack 9: Take on a fitness challenge.



Hack 10: Bring gym clothes along on the daily journey.



Hack 11: Sleep more. Seriously




Hack 12: Eat clean, live clean



Hack 13: Set goals, and reward yourself when they’re met.

The challenge of shedding weight and gaining mass and achieving the ideal weight or physical health is certainly no joke. Becoming physically fit can be a Big true challenge with many different obstacles or each hurdle should be rewarded with some sort of self-praise.

Make a good list of goals that can be met in a step-by-step order and with matching rewards to be enjoyed when each goal is achieved (for example, buy a new and smaller pair of jeans after losing 9 pounds).

Rewards create an incentive to workout or are reminders to stop or reflect on the hard work done in each step of the journey.

Just don’t let that reward be a piece of cake. That would sort of defeat the purpose.