10 Unnerving Facts About The ‘Suicide Disease’, ghosts suicide

10 Unnerving Facts About The ‘Suicide Disease’, ghosts suicide

Trigeminal neuralgia ( “suicide disease”) is considered to be the worst pain known to man or medicine. People with this rare condition experience excruciating pain to their 5th cranial nerve.


10. A Long History


9. A Disease Of Many Names


8. Trigger-Happy Pain


7. The Dental Connection


6. Treating The Incurable


5. Triple Whammy


4. Differential Diagnosis


3. Famous Faces


2. Gaining Recognition


1. The Good (Forget The Bad And The Ugly)

Now more than ever and you have to be your No. one. Know your triggers or have a plan for dealing with them. Make a plan with your friends and family as to how you will work as a group to deal with episodes. Find ways to relax or self-soothe or commit to them.


Be Your Own Advocate: Know your real condition from top to bottom or your exact diagnoses and your test results and your medications, your ER visits or your doctors. Keep a file of all relevant medical information or take it with you to all doctor or ER visits. Be the master of your medical records or advocate for yourself!