10 Traits of a Person with Pisces Astrological Sun Sign

10 Traits of a Person with Pisces Astrological Sun Sign:

Pisces, the twelfth and final sign of the zodiacal cycle, is a water sign ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. It is also one among the four mutable signs. People born between 19th of February and 20th of March are referred to as Pisceans and their zodiacal sign is ‘Pisces’, the Fish. The qualities of all the other eleven zodiac signs are merged in Pisces. As it is, they can adapt whatever character is apt for them; hence they are commonly referred to as the ‘Chameleons of Zodiac’. So it is really difficult to pin down the characters of Pisces. In zodiac, Pisces is the opposite of Virgo. We are presently in the ‘Age of Pisces’! Pisces is a Latin word for fish. It is represented by two fishes swimming in opposite direction which depicts the dual personality of the Pisceans. People born under Pisces astrological sign are selfless, reasonable, easygoing, submissive, emotional, highly intuitive, spiritual, dreamy, mystical and compassionate. They are the quietest among all the signs. They are very good workers but when it comes to things they don’t like to do, they become lazy! Pisceans are quite complicated people. It takes a great deal to understand them. But their understanding nature is what attracts other people to them! Here are some common traits found in most Pisceans

10. Weak willed and Indecisive

9. Pessimistic

8. Selfless

7. Escapist

6. Idealist

5. Sensitive

4. Duality

3. Intuitive

2. Compassionate

1. Imaginative and Creative

The mind of Pisces born is rarely blank as their vivid imaginations are always running through it. They are highly imaginative and creative. This is their greatest strength. They can come up with some ingenious ideas. They can use their talent to achieve great heights in music, art and literature. They can produce good results in photography, architecture, film making, dancing and acting. Rihanna and Justin Bieber are example of Pisceans who succeeded in music; Bruce Willis, Drew Barrymore and Daniel Craig have made their mark in acting while Dr Seuss, another Piscean, became a famous writer and poet. Steve Jobs is an exemplary example of Pisces’s imaginative and creative traits. He was the co-founder and CEO of Apple computers and was a great visionary and a creative genius. The imagination of Pisces is what drives them to be more creative. They get this creative energy from their fantasy world!

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