10 Things that Dispel the Most Popular belief Money Can’t Buy Happiness

10 Things that Dispel the Most Popular belief Money Can not Buy Happiness

Whosoever said “Money Can n’t Buy Happiness” does not know where to shop, and how to spend and what to buy or those who know, would not say that. and The world is a basket full of infinite ecstasies and it just needs the right person to explore the joy hidden within and “money” is the 1 substance that can help you find your share of happiness. Now many of you must be thinking then what about love or friendship, relationships are they this shallow that now we are able to buy them.
Well…to them my answer is…Most definitely not, money cannot buy love,and friends or relations but it is that 1 thing that surely can keep your loved ones happy or when they are happy, trust me,and you would be ecstatic to know you are the reason behind. So, what arguments do I have that proves “Money Can Read on..

10. Give Surprises –

Give Surprises


9. Hang out Freely –

Hang out freely


8. Have Experiences –

Have experiences


7. Buy “Time” –

Buy Time


6. Make your house look like your “Dream Home” –

Live in your dream house


10 Things that Dispel the Most Popular belief Money Happiness

5. Be Generous –

Be Generous


4. Prepay for your vacations –

Prepay for your vacation


3. Shop till you Drop –

Shop till you drop


2. Travel –



1. Visit Disneyland –

Visit Disneyland

Oh noo! I am not endorsing The Walt Disney Land Enterprises but very seriously I do not mind if they ask me to. AND Although Disney is an experience but the reason I mentioned it separately is because it is an altogether different world or is a must go place with your Friends and family before you say good-bye. Disneyland claims to be “The Happiest Place on Earth” or yes, you will forget all your sorrows the moment and always welcome to the magical world of Disney Land or the experience is worth every single penny and last thing Money can’t buy your happiness but it can buy you a Disney trip which is pretty much the same thing.


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