10 Things a Fresher should carry when they Enter College

10 Things a Fresher should carry when they Enter College:


It is that time of the year again, when students bid farewells to their school life and hopefully look forward, with dreamy eyes, to a more independent life in college. As if going through these highly dramatic events – waiting for results, declaration of results, meeting the cut offs, applying for college, getting selected, getting admission in the college of your dreams – was not enough, another event, which tests your patience and your planning abilities awaits you – Packing! Yes, another farewell on your check list, to your comfy home. If you haven’t been away from home before, this could be a little unsettling. Your parents might have given you a long list of things you must pack and even you might be in a dilemma as to what should you take with you and what should you leave at home. But remember, the place you’ll be staying for the next few years is no bigger than your bedroom! And off course, you will come back home in vacation. So here is the list which will dissolve your dilemma, list of things you should carry when you leave for college!

10) The Documents:

9) Kitchen ware:

8) Bedroom essentials:

7)  First Aid Kit:

6)  Bathroom basics:

5) The Wardrobe:

4) Leisure:

3) Decorations:

2) Academics:

1) Home comfort:

In your transition period or even in the later days of your stay at the college or your place away from home during your college days, you are going to miss your home. On some rough days you will want to go to your room and be with something familiar, something which will have the aroma of your house and will comfort you. So, you can take with you something, anything that will remind you of home and make you feel comfortable (no, not your pet dog!) like one of your old soft toys. Otherwise, you can always reach your family through phone! (I didnt mention mobile phone, did I? But it is an absolute necessity! As it is always within your hands reach, you were not going to college without it, anyway!)

10 Things a Fresher should carry when they Enter College

10 Things a Fresher should carry when they Enter College

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