10 Things That can make you Happy Except Money

10 Things That can make you Happy Except Money Everyone wants to be happy. That is a simple universal truth, though the ways in which people perceive happiness is not universal. It varies from person to person. Yet, the frenzy to achieve happiness, grab it with both hands runs common among all the earthlings. They do everything possible to attain happiness – work harder, plan more efficiently, dive into the sea of all those self help books, some may totally give in to all the worldly pleasures and on the other hand, some may decide to forgo all of them and go to the Himalayas. The quest for the true meaning of happiness and the ways one can be happy has been going on since time 10 Things That can make you Happy Except Money immemorial. Where some people have given it all up to find happiness, some have made up their minds to believe that more material possessions, more money can make them happy. But as the clichéd phrase goes that money can’t buy happiness, it actually holds true. Yes! The fact that more money leads to happiness works only in the cases of poverty, where the money is used to meet the subsistence needs. You can argue that you can buy all the stuff you like with the money you have, expensive cars, fancy gadgets, jewels, clothes, and a big house. Having goals and wanting to achieve something is not bad, but if you’re aiming only for material, at some point or the other, all these things will cease to give you pleasure and won’t amuse you anymore. You’ll find yourself in a vicious trap of running after material possessions. If you’ll be lucky enough, you will realize how the small, simple things in life were just enough to make you happy, to make you smile; that spending on experiences, making memories could have made you happier instead of spending it otherwise.

10 Things That can make you Happy Except Money


10 Books :



9) A good nap:

A good nap

8) Playing with children:

Playing with children

7) Bask in the memories:

Bask in the memories

6) Music Therapy:

Music Therapy

5) Good health:

Good health

4) Take a day off:

Take a day off

3) Nature calms:

Nature calms

2) Follow your dreams:


Follow your dreams



1)  People who care:

People who care

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