10 Surprising Things That Impair Your Intelligence | Lower your iq

10 Surprising Things That Impair Your Intelligence | Lower your iq

Certain actions are identified to lower our cognitive ability. No one is leaving to score their best on an cleverness test after a few shots of tequila or hit from a bong. slam your head time after time against a wall is not ordinary to improve thought dispensation, either.

But there are also some lesser-known factor that reduce intelligence. Some of these performance only impair cleverness temporarily, while others have been established to have long-term belongings.


10. Dim Lighting



9. Smartphones



8. Processed Food


7. Multitasking


6. Sugar


5. A Long Commute


4. Jet Lag


3. Obesity


2. Being Spanked As A Child


1. Dumb TV Shows

Researchers have exposed that when it comes to cleverness, you are what you watch.

At the same time as it is light to say that confident shows are revealing, there are loads of tasteless shows that do not offer any enlightening value. However, in calculation to lacking essence, stupid small screen shows have also been proven to really make people dumber.

Markus Appel, an Austrian psychologist and lecturer, hardened a group of college student on a choice of subjects. Before administer the test, half the students were known a story about a silly man creation all sorts of bad decision. After interpretation about the not-so-smart mischief of the character, those students perform worse on the test than the student who had not read the story.

Appel blame the marks on “media prime.” Media prime refers to the remaining, often unintentional, effects of being uncovered to media. This can result in change in behavior, opinion, or cleverness.

This means that inspection a reality show with a dumb someone on it might seem humorous, but their foolishness is contagious.

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