10 Surprising Benefits of Being a Woman

10 Surprising Benefits of Being a Woman:

Ladies first, this is one of the global slogans which we have; the ladies would always insist that men and women are equal and they should be treated equally. The women have always wanted the rights which are equal to that of men; they would demand equal status as men. This is a true fact that men and women are equally capable but this situation applies only when it comes to the mental capabilities because when it comes to physical efforts men are more capable than women. This is the one blatant fact that no one can change, physically women are weaker and much more fragile than men.

10 Surprising Benefits of Being a Woman


The women are soft, vulnerable and dependant; God made them this way because it is the duty of the men to protect the women, help them out whenever they need it. The women are diplomatic at the same time, they would always demand equality but the situation come where equality would not provide benefit to them they use their women power to veto the men. There are many places and situations where the girls or women can use their veto power, be it their professional life, a market or their own house. They can always enjoy the uncountable benefits, all a girl needs to know is how to play the game. If the girl knows how to manipulate the situation in her favor, she can nourish herself with plenty of benefits, the top 10 benefits of being a girl are: 10 Surprising Benefits of Being a Woman:

10. Bad driving works:

9. No career pressure:

8. Can get anything by just being nice:

7. No queue:

6. Never have to prove yourself a girl:

5. Gets the respect:

4. Men spend money on you:

3. You can cry:

2. Can wear men clothing:

1. They are always right:

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