10 Stories that Exemplify ‘Never Say Die’

10 Stories that Exemplify ‘Never Say Die’:

The most popular misconception in the minds of the people is that the more you fail, the worse you get. In fact, the more you fail, the stronger you get. It is rightly said that failures are stepping stones to success. The thing we should all remember is that a successful person is not one who has never failed but a person who dared to give it another try after each failure. Here are ten stories that demonstrate how some people never accepted defeat and this was the reason of them achieving their goals. Ten stories where people simply decided to rise after every fall.

10) Bant Singh

9) The Miracle of Istanbul

8) Lizzie Velasquez

7) Sylvester Stallone

6) Thomas Alva Edison

5) Ludwig van Beethoven

4) Lionel Messi

3) Nick Vujicic

2) Glenn Vernis Cunningham

1)   Abraham Lincoln

Born in a poor family, Abraham Lincoln was a self educated person who went on to become the sixteenth President of the United States of America. His journey to being a successful President was filled with failures. It was Lincoln’s determination and the will to succeed that gave him his well deserved success. He lost his job and was defeated in state legislature in 1832. In 1833, he failed in his business venture. In 1835, the death of his sweetheart hit him hard. He suffered from a nervous breakdown in 1836. He was defeated for Speaker in 1838. 1843 brought with it a defeat for Lincoln in the nomination for Congress. He lost the renomination in 1848. He was rejected for the post of land officer in 1849. Abraham Lincoln experienced even more of failure when he was defeated for the US Senate in 1854. In 1856 Abraham Lincoln was defeated for nomination for Vice President. If one defeat for the US Senate was not enough, Lincoln faced defeat again in 1858. Though he enjoyed brief success in the midst of all these failures, the greatest achievement of all was his election as the President. It was only his ‘never give up’ attitude that gave him the strength to keep moving forward.

10 Stories that Exemplify ‘Never Say Die’

10 Stories that Exemplify ‘Never Say Die’

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