10 Steps to Moving On After Breakup, Survive a Break-up

10 Tips to Moving On after Breakup

How does one move on after as a break up? You buy a Fast Track! Problem solved! Not quite? Then read on and sad soul!1st  understand that heartbreaks are common phenomenon. and EVERYBODY goes through them! So you are not alone and we are all sailing in this ship,and  most of us wearing our invisible cloaks, which is why you can not see us, but we are there and all of us are!


10. Show Up!

This is the 1st tips and undoubtedly the very vital of all tips. you know we are having a very hard time coping with situation and whatever the situation, however very bad the time, we have got to Wake Up and Dress Up or Show Up!

Stick to our earlier routine to the letter. Wake up at 5am, have a bath and eat breakfast or catch that 7:30am Bus to work! In friend tongue and “Get our ass to work!” The best idea is to do everything just like we did before. Make no amendments to our routine. Do not give ourself any reminders of what has happened. the busier we are and Don’t stop working, the quicker it will be to move on! Quit wallowing in self-pity! and If we are determined to heal, we will!


9. Socialize

This is a very difficult! So read carefully!

1st or foremost shut all the gateway that connect we to our ex; when I say all gateway I mean all electronic gateway too! Unfriend them from your social networks like facebook, instagram, twitter and hike, delete any mails, all mobile messages that might remind you of them or make a sincere effort to keep chat with mutual friends to a bare minimum.

Now, get off the device Internet or make real friends! Go out meet new people, go dancing in new clubs, get to know your office and family colleagues better and also join the “fun committees’ at work and meet your close friends every few days, visit your home.


8. The Great Outdoors

you know nature has immense capacity to heal itself, she also has more miraculous power that can heal us too! Spend time outside and go explore the Great Outdoors! If we are not exclusively into fauna, nature has a good number of choices to offer. You can go like trekking, camping, hiking and even gardening!  i hope you enjoy reading 10 Steps to Moving On After Breakup, Survive a Break-up


7. Listen to new music

we have to trust on this! delete love songs from your device, at least for a few time! Music audio has a subconscious impact on your minds and you begin associating music to events in your life. Since, we were in a long time loving relationship, our mind makes associations between love songs or our “being in love”. Therefore, it is exigent that we rid ourself of such songs.

Instead load our mobile with new songs and instrumental songs that sootheand always download rock songs that make we get up and get working or party songs that make we groove! The magic words are-“anything but don’t listen love songs” until you heal completely.


6. MOVE!!

Still do not see it? It’s very simple, really! MOVE!! Go on a vacation; get away from the house and left all those memories who connect we to our ex.  i hope you enjoy reading 10 Steps to Moving On After Breakup, Survive a Break-up


5. Get a new hobby

we are not regurgitating any past memories or conversations! The easiest way to keep busy is to find your new hobby! There are so many hobby out there like Take up dancing, writing, stamp collecting, painting, sketching, photography, extreme sports, paragliding and sky-diving and any simple sport will do too like tennis and golf, etc.


4. Get a pet or a plant

You were in a love relationship just last month and now you are not. we wonder at how things got so very bad or where we went wrong or we picture scenarios of what could have been and what was…seriousely, these scenarios are just that! They are figments of our over thinking mind that will achieve nothing or definitely not help alter our current sad situation. This sadness and longing that we feel need to be channeled, here’s how…

Yes, get yourself a pet. Let them be your good friend, always talk to them, and sit long time with them or feel the joy of companionship! Do bear in mind that a animals is another living being. i hope you enjoy reading 10 Steps to Moving On After Breakup, Survive a Break-up


3. Meditate / exercise

The absence of pleasure-producing endorphins after a bad break up can make we feel miserable and sluggish. Physical Exercise increases your endorphins. Join a health gym, take the stairs instead of the buildings elevator, walk to office work, do some yoga practice or take a salsa lesson. Make a promise to do something active for 40 minutes a day for 40 days, no excuses.


2. ‘Replacement memories’

There are some places you visited with your partner, evenings whiled away in peace,
places that pack fond memories of afternoons spent together or many a dinner date had; we cannot erase these memories, our mind does not have a delete button or purposely hitting ourself on the head to invite amnesia is not really a feasible solution! So what do we do? we replace these memories! Make new memories!


1. Laugh, Celebrate!

Laugh it off! A people who can laugh at himself is really free! Read comedy books, buy tickets to stand up live comedy shows, watch comedy scene movies. we have more reasons to celebrate, laugh, rejoice,….

we were granted Independence, dear sad soul! we are free now! Free from a love relationship, free from ex! The whole world awaits you! All the magic world is our stage!

Have a dinner party, invite your special friends, and put on some new music. Open few champagne bottle…Cheers to your found singlehood!


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