10 shocking marriage rituals In the world

Top 10 shocking marriage rituals In the world : Marriage is considered an important part of the culture in the world. Marriage is a link between life and death. In every society, marriage is different. There are such societies in the world where the ways of getting married are very startling. They are telling you about some of the rituals of such a shocking marriage.


1. Moping For a Month

There is a tradition in Sichuan of China that before the wedding, the bride has to cry for a whole month. This ceremony is called Geo Tong. For one month there is a half-hour cry in the night. In the first ten days with her bride, her mother and her 10 grandmothers and all the family members of the family are constantly engaged in crying and crying. 10 shocking marriage rituals In the world


2. Bride Kidnappings

Kyrgyzstan still has a tradition of kidnapping brides. This ritual is before marriage. The man with whom the person wants to spend all his life, kidnap it. This tradition is alive in Romania society. Do not ask for dowry in marriage and do not agree to get married to the girl’s choice, so this tradition is so.


3. No Smiling

In Congo society, bride and groom forbids laughing during marriage. Both are allowed to laugh only after marriage ceremony is complete. This ritual is applicable not only in marriage but also on other rituals during marriage.


4. The Bald And The Beautiful

In ancient Spartans society, the head of the bride is shaven before marriage. In this society, the bride hid away somewhere, and the bride fetches it and finds it. It is believed that marriage rituals have been fulfilled.


10 shocking marriage rituals In the world


5. Slimy Blessings For The Bride

The method of marriage in Masai culture is the most different in the world. Here the bride is burn and tortured. At the time of the engagement, the girl is sent with an elderly, where her in-laws welcome him, burn him, and dung on his head. At the same time, girl’s father spouse spits on her.


6. Murky Toilet Mire For Juice

In French culture, there is a strange ritual of marriage called La Soupe. As soon as the new couple goes to the honeymoon, all the guests gather in the remaining food and put it in a new toilet chamber and add water to it and make juice. This juice has to drink the bride’s family.


7. A Whale Tooth In Fiji Rituals

The wedding ritual is different in Fiji society. In this, the father of the bride has to give a whale tooth of fish, it is a symbol of the affluent house of Bride. This tradition is popular with the name of Tabua.


8. Bride And Groom Blackening

In Scott society, marriage is not considered complete until the blacks and brides have black color on them. Black color is inserted on both sides. This is done so that the life of the newly married couple is happy.


9. No Toilet For Three Days

There is a unique wedding ceremony in Tidong culture of Indonesia. After three days of marriage, newly married couples are not allowed to go to the toilet. 10 shocking marriage rituals In the world


10. Getting Married To A Tree

In some provinces of India this tradition is that if a girl is Manglik Dosha Effects, then she has to marry the tree. The girl is married to a Sacred fig tree so that whatever the defects are there and the possibility of marriage remains. Likewise, in some parts of India, phantom is also married to girl’s dogs in the name of removing obstruction.


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