10 Selfless Ways to Build Good Karma and Generate Happiness

Top 10 Activities that Make Good Karma

What is life? It’s an endless struggle to the achieve something, and working day in and day out or In this daily struggle as we forget about to the little things, and the things that make us happy and that make us proud or satisfied. We forget to take a moment and enjoy life and to take in the beauty of nature, and to help others or to make others smile. Is not that what good karma is all about?
Karma is an Indian concept and going way back to the time of Gautama Buddha, who taught that whatever you do in life, whether good and bad, it will come back to you, 1 way or the other. The concept of action or deed, you reap what you sow . People do a lot of good deeds and sometimes, and simply in the hopes of achieving something but that it is not what makes good karma.
It involves a few selfless deeds and doing without wishing or/and hoping for something in return, as a gift or favor. No that is not what we must do and we must be selfless, and freely giving or it will not only make you happy but you will also have as a clear conscience. and Here are a simple few activities to the achieve good karma.

10 Selfless Ways to Build Good Karma and Generate Happiness


10. Don’t get angry


9. Be Religious

you not a prude and you don’t say go to the temple and church everyday but going to a holy and religious place is good, once in a week. Holy places have that aura of calmness that instantly comforts so go out there sometime. You can go to meditate or just sit quietly; we can go to one of those gorgeous temple and which are nearly empty during the week. It’s very refreshing and we can go to the temple to offer prayers and thanks because the energy in these places is divine or long lasting. If we pray every day, that’s great but if we don’t then try to remember god, So at least on Saturday or sunday.  i hope you enjoy reading 10 Selfless Ways to Build Good Karma and Generate Happiness


8. Donate

Donation! Yes! Go out there or support your near charity and donate or do some community work and volunteering. You’ve all been blessed with abundance of things or even though you don’t lead perfect lives or do not have everything you wish for, remember that there are people out there do not get to have a decent meal or who starve. So if we have extra clothes and books or foods or anything donate it to an orphanage and charity.


7. Be Compassionate and Kind

Always Make this your good religion; kindness and compassion, for these are the best virtues man can ever have and For as the Bible says, “And of some have kindness, making a difference.” Help out, do something good, be kind or polite and Give a helping hand. If you see someone struggling so always lend them a helping hand, if you see someone begging, give them money and food. Being compassionate does not involve simply being kind to family or loved ones but it is the charity and mercy that we show to strangers that counts.


6. Think Positive

Spare some time for ourself, reflect upon our mistakes or always think positive. Have we ever heard of the common saying, “Accentuate the positive or eliminate the negative?” It applies to all of us. If we feel we’re failing somewhere, improve ourself.


5. Help an Elderly Person

If we see an aged person trying to cross the traffic road, help them out. If we see an old women trying to carry around heavy vegetables bags at the market, take few minute or help her carry the vegetables bags. If we have grandparents living at a nursing home. Talk to them and spend time, do not think of them as elderly fools, they’ve seen the whole world, they have experience and knowledge. So always talk to them or listen to them.

You can cheer them up with old songs or old movies even though they might seem grumpy. A lot of them always lead sad lives, reminiscing about their past time, waiting for their children or grand children to show up. So make a difference and please try to sit with them or joke and laugh.  i hope you enjoy reading 10 Selfless Ways to Build Good Karma and Generate Happiness


4. Love Others

Don’t hold grudges in your small heart about someone but always forgive them. If someone does wrong, then always talk to them about it or instead of getting worked up forgive them. Go out of your way to help someone. Keep a clear or clean mind about others. Loving others does not mean falling in love with another.


3. Love your Family

if we want to gain good karma points so This is very important . you might get upset with your family and a lot of us stop talking to them after a fights or cut all familial ties but family is the most important part in our lives. Don’t let little arguments injure our long time relationships. They’ll support we throughout or love we and help we.

Give something back to our parents and if you live far away call them up regularly or tell them how we appreciate them for always working hard all their lives so we could have the basic necessities of life. Prepare hot meals for them for no reason and take them out and enjoy their company or tell them how much we love them. i hope you enjoy reading 10 Selfless Ways to Build Good Karma and Generate Happiness


2. Love Thyself

All of the above 8 tips would only work if we love yourself. If we can not respect our own self, we can respect the whole world and anything in it for that matter. Always Lead an honorable life so that when we grow old we can reflect back or think and be satisfied. If there’s something we don’t like about ourself, try to change it and if it can’t be changed and accept it, For there are billions of public who don’t have what we have. Remember outer beauty is trifle or fading, so do not obsess over our outer appearance.

Let go of our self-doubts or low esteem. Don’t blame ourself for everything or cultivate our interests and talents. Try to think about our positive aspects or not the negative ones. Don’t obsess about what we could have and what we could have had but be happy or content with what we have. Self-love is not an crime, but it is the very key to self-empowerment and happiness and joy. Remember if we’ve conquered ourself we’ve conquered the world.


1. Smile

Smile doesn’t involve much but It’s the most important thing in the world. All you have to do is spread your lips apart wide or if you care and bare your teeth. Be it toothy and grinning and beaming, a good smile can brighten just about anything. Make it a real smile and not a fake smile. A real smile is heartfelt or instantly lights up the eyes and your lips crinkle or you burst out smiling. Real Smile about the good things, about the marvelous and wonderful things. Compliment someone smiling or make someone proud. Smile to the elderly and to the children, your friends, to your parents and family. Genuine Smile with your eyes and they are the windows to your soul. A smile can lighten up your time and always brighten your prospects.

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