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10 priceless Indian diamonds which is now foreign safes

The 10 priceless Indian diamonds which is now foreign : India was called gold bird and its main reason was the foreign invaders here, But in this wealth there were some of the heritage of the country which was precious. Some of these were prized diamonds.

You might be surprised to know that in the 18th century before exploring diamond quarries in Brazil, only the entire diamond mine was found in India and that too for centuries. But from Mahmoud Gaznavi to the British, all the foreign invaders plundered these precious heritage.

The result was that these precious diamonds, called India’s glory, are now locked in the exterior safes. Today in this article we will tell you the complete history of such The 10 priceless Indian diamonds which is now foreign.


1. Kohinoor diamond

Talking of Kohinoor, the pride of India, this time it is part of the British crown jewels . Kohinoor was worn from Akbar to Shah Jahan, then he went to Iran and went back to India even then he took the Englishman.

Kohinoor was first among the Kakatiya kingdom in the 12th century. In a temple of Warangal, Kohinoor was decorating the temple as the eye of Hindu God. First of all, Alauddin Khilji’s commander, Kafur, was robbed of it in 1310 and presented to Khilji. After this, it increased the beauty of various states of Delhi Sultanate.

Babur took away the power of Delhi with the power of Ibrahim Lodhi in 1526, and took it away too. After Babur, Humayun named it ‘Babur diamond’. From then on Kohinoor remained with the Mughal Sultanate. In the last days of the Mughal Sultanate, it was looted by the Iranian invader Nadir Shah. From where he took with him the ruler of Afghanistan, Amard Shah Durrani. After this, his successor, Shuja Shah Durrani, fled from Afghanistan and sought asylum after coming to Lahore and presented Kohinoor to Maharaja Ranjit Singh. It is said that by cheating Maharaja Ranjeet Singh, the Englishman took it to England. 10 priceless Indian diamonds which is now foreign safes


2. Darya-e-noor diamond

Along with Kohinoor, Darya-e-Noor was taken by Nadir Shah from Delhi to Iran. Darya-e-Noor, who went to Iran along with the Peacock Throne and Kohinoor, had also acquired Maharaja Ranjeet Singh from Punjab after leaving Iran to Afghanistan.

It is said that after the British exhibition it was bought by the Nawab of Dhaka.And they are kept safe in the safe bank of Dhaka’s Sonali Bank in present time. An exhibition has been set in 1985. On the other side, the other side says that Dariya-e-Noor was in two parts, the second part of which Nour-al-N is still safe in Iran.


3. Regent diamond

The Regent came out of Kolar Khan in Andhra Pradesh. Then it weighed 410 carats, but due to flashing several times in the present time it weighs 140 carats now. Thomas Pitt, the then governor of Madras sent it from a merchant to France. After which they became part of the French royal treasury.

It was bought by France’s Emperor Louis XVI in 1717 from Duke Philip II of Orlin, France’s representative. After this, the Louis Emperor became Louis X of the 17th in 1722, in his crown. This Louis was also part of the 16th Crown. During this time in 1792, it was stolen during the French Revolution, but it was later found.

Having been from many big people, it reached France’s Great Napoleon Bonaparte in 1801. Napoleon insisted on holding it in the hand of his sword and kept it with him forever, but with the defeat of Napoleon, his second wife moved to Austria.

From then on, The Regent returned to France again and Louis became part of the 18th, Charles 10th and the Napoleonic III crown, and since 1887 it was handed over to the Louvre Museum. It is currently safe in France’s largest Louvre Museum, Paris. 10 priceless Indian diamonds which is now foreign safes


4. Briolette of India diamond

In the list of anonymous Indian diamonds, the next name is Briolette of India. The 90.8 carat’s Briolette to be older than Kohinoor. In the 12th century India bought it in some way from Queen of France. This diamond to be the most spectacular diamond of the whole world, because it is considered to be the purest due to being colorless.

This diamond got the protection of several French rulers King Richard, also called Sheridil. Later on, these diamonds disappeared from the eyes of the world for many years and three centuries later King Henry II appeared in time. After this he was handed over to princesses. After some time, the emperor took the ornaments with the Queen named Katherine, which included the Briolette of India.

Since then these diamonds have disappeared once again with the world’s discussions. However in 1910 it was sold to a trader in France by American businessman George Blumenthal. George Blumenthal presented this to his wife. After this, New York businessman Harry Winston placed it and then sold it to the Canadian billionaire businessman in 1950, until the death of the Briolette of India. After this, many exhibitions of the Briolette of India started and about 40 years ago an anonymous European family bought it. Since then there is no news of this diamond.


5. Orlov diamond

The history of Orlov is the oldest of all the great diamonds ever known and it is also the largest. This diamond is half-size of the egg and from the second century onwards was in the form of an eye in the Lord Vishnu statue in Shri Ranganathaswamy temple on the banks of river Kaveri in Srirangpatnam (Tamil Nadu).

With the statue of Lord Vishnu, it was saved by a French soldier, who became a Hindu at the time of the Carnatic War, for years after being taken out. It was brought to Madras by the French in 1750 and sold to the officers of the English army. These diamonds went after them and went to England.

This diamond from England bought the Iranian billionaire Shafras and then sold it to Gregory Gregorivich Orlov in 4 million Dutch currency. Later, Gregory Orlov presented it to his Russian girlfriend Catherine. Catherine later married the King of Russia Peter III, still kept Orlov with him. However, Catherine later gifted this gift to the King of Russia. After this, Katherine named it Orlov Diamond in 1784. 10 priceless Indian diamonds


6. Shah Diamond

Shah Diamond came out of Golconda’s famous Khan around 1450. It is colorless with origin, but due to iron oxide its color has turned yellowishly. This diamond initially had 95 carats, but after being scratched 88.7 carat was left. This has been sharpened in pure Indian style.


Shah Diamond is in the shape of a tricolor from the original room, with the names of the three rulers on whose side these were written, during whose reign it was a diamond. On the one hand Ahmadnagar’s Nizam has been named Nizam Shah: 1000; on the other hand, Shah is on 1051 and on the third is Fateh Ali Shah: 1242.


7. Idol eye diamond

Idol Eye was stolen by the British during the Third Anglo-Maratha War from the Trimbakeshwar Shiva temple near Nashik. This diamond was planted in the idol of Lord Shiva from 1500 to 1817. Which was stolen by East India Company officials. After the war ended, the British returned the diamond Peshwa Bajirao. Which was later acquired by Colonel J. Brings, the English colonel J. Brings. After this the diamond was sent to London.

From where it was bought in 1818, the British company Rudel End Bridge, a diamond trading company. This company re-opened Idol Eye in 1818 and dressed as Prince Robert Grosvenner of Westminster. From where a US merchant bought it in 1927 and took it to the United States. Since then, the diamond went to many traders and is currently near Greenwich merchant Edward J. Hand.

Who last bought it in 1970 The name of this diamond is also NASAK Diamond, after which the British Airways Company named its name, “The Nasak Diamond”, in December 1982.


8. Blue hope diamond

The Blue Hope is one of the most discussed diamonds of Indian origin. A French merchant steals it from India around 1650 AD and took it to France. From there, Maharaja Louis 14 of France bought this diamond. After this, Louis lived at the 15th, Louis 16th. And then it was also near Napoleon.

From here around 1812 the English merchant bought Blue Hope. And with many hands it reached King George IV of England. Although officially it could not find place in British monarchy ornaments.

From here around 1830, British banker Thomas Hope bought it and placed it in the exhibition in 1839. After many years here, the Blue Hope reached out to America around 1905 by the hands of many traders. Where many of its owners were made, but none of these diamonds were hinged. In the end it was given to the Smithsonian Museum of New York. Where this diamond is kept for 364 days of people to watch.


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