10 popular blogs in india | famous personal blogs | top earning blogs

10 popular blogs in india | famous personal blogs | top earning blogs

Are you looking top Hindi language of India’s best bloggers and their blogs. Then you have come to the right place because today we have share a full list of the most popular Indian bloggers and who blogging in Hindi language.

The list is an Indian bloggers of which will provide complete information about social issues, story, motivation, politics etc.


Here Are the list of 10 popular blogs in india & famous personal and blogs top earning blogs

1. Hindijaankaari.in

Hindijaankari is a new latest website which has been launched in 12 October 2017. This website has started write articles recently, but the traffic of this website is amazing. This website had a very good traffic score in the month of November. This is the reason that we are keeping this website at the top of our list in our Top Websites Hindi.

Hope this website will write more good posts and its ranking will be even better.


2. Achhikhabar.com

This is a very famous website in India which was started in October 2010. The full details of this site are below.

  • Page Rank: 3
  • Alexa rank: 2117
  • Global rank: 25752
  • Sites Linking: 229


3. HamariSafalta.com

This is a Motivational Hindi Website, which increases the motivation of the people and increase their confidence. This website has been written by Kiran Sahu.

  • Page Rank : N/A
  • Alexa Rank : 96596 India
  • Global rank : 505,951
  • Sites Linking : 28
  • SEOmoz (PA) : 26
  • SEOmoz (DA) : 14


4. HindiSoch.com

Hindi Soch website owner is Pawan Kumar, who gives complete knowledge in Hindi. Pawan has not share any information of his monthly income on his website.

  • Alexa Rank :
  • India – 886
  • Global – 12749
  • PA (Page Authority) : 39
  • DA (Domain Authority) : 24


5. Supportmeindia.com

This website is very famous and this blog owner is Jumedeen Khan. He has provided complete information on internet and technology in his website.

  • Alexa Rank:
  • India – 8718
  • Global – 95705
  • Page Rank: 2
  • PA (Page Authority): 50
  • DA (Domain Authority): 28


6. Hindimehelp.com

This website has been created by Rohit Mewada. This is a very famous website which provides information about writing articles on blogging, computers, internet and other technologies.

  • Page Rank: N / A
  • Alexa Rank: 2,856 India
  • Global rank: 44,569
  • Sites Linking: 245


7. Aapkisafalta.com

This website simply created by Mr. Amul Sharma who gives the people the way to success. This is a very motivational website.

  • Page Rank: N / A
  • Alexa Rank: 33,702 India
  • Global rank: 381,176
  • Sites Linking: 61


8. Gyanipandit.com

This website information is private and written on this blog is biography.

  • Page Rank: N / A
  • Alexa Rank: 7468 India
  • Global rank: 76,251
  • Sites Linking: 98


9. Bccfalna.com

Bccfalna.com writes articles related to technology and blogs. This website offers technical support and tutorials for online learning, which helps people to learn a lot. This website is by Kuldeep Chand which started in 14/10/2009.


10. Himanshugrewal.com

This website belongs to Himanshu Grewal. This website provides postings like English Speaking courses, SEO, Social Media, Google, Gadgets, Food and Motivational Story.

  • Alexa Rank :
  • India – 25381
  • Global – 346941
  • PA (Page Authority) : 32
  • DA (Domain Authority) : 25


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