10 Places In World More Mysterious Than The Bermuda Triangle

10 Places In World More Mysterious Than The Bermuda Triangle : All of you must have heard the name of the Bermuda Triangle. This is the place from where the largest number of ships and planes have disappeared. But in the world there are many other places like Bermuda Triangle that have disappeared from the man to the ship, and till date their understanding has not been understood. Today we will tell you about some such unique places. Here are the 10 Places In World More Mysterious Than The Bermuda Triangle


1. Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle is the place where the Van Allen radiation belt inside the Earth is closest to other planets. Due to this, the intensity of radiation increases in this area. This is also called South Atlantic Anomalie (South Atlantic Anomaly). This dissonance radiation arises in the magnetic field of the planets in the geographic center, polar region.

Located: This area is located approximately 300 km from the coast of Brazil.

Area: There are different opinions about the area of ​​the Bermuda Triangle. It is being considered from 13 lakh sq km to 1.5 million sq km. “10 Places In World More Mysterious Than The Bermuda Triangle”

Incidents: The system of satellites and inspection vehicles stop working.
Hubble telescope is actually shut down when it passes here.
– When the International Space Station is in this area, the schedule of the spacewalk is closed at that time. It happens five times a day.
– The occurrence of most missing aircraft in the world has happened in this area.
Reason: However, the whole reason for the strange effects in this leisure area has not yet been known, but it is believed that more radiation creates this discrepancy.


2. Michigan Triangle

Located: This geographical triangle is located in the middle of Michigan Lake. Lake Michigan is the second largest of America’s five largest lakes. It is 307 miles long and 188 miles wide. Lake Michigan extends to the states of Illinois, Michigan, Indiana and Wisconsin.

Bizarre incidents: – Many planes and ships have disappeared here. Nearly 40 planes have been missing in Michigan Lake.

  • In June 1950, Flight of Northwest Airlines from New York Flight-2501 flew from Minneapolis and was stuck in Lake Michigan. None of the 55 passengers could escape. The plane could not even know anything.
  • On April 28, 1937, Om McFarland, the shipwreck sailed to Port Washington, Wisconsin. When it passed through the Michigan triangle. Its a Capt. George R. Donner had disappeared from his cabin. His cabin was also locked from inside.
  • After coming to see reports of many mysterious figures, the Federal Aviation Administration started a Special Lake Reporting Service. In such cases, such incidents are recorded.


3. Angikuni lake

Located: – In the Kivlik region of Canada, it is connected to the Kaysan River in Nunavut.

Bizarre incidents: A myth of people of a village is vanishing. All the people in the village on the banks of the Eshkuni Lake had suddenly disappeared in 1930. A man who came to Label in this village, he saw that the huts of the house were kept for cooking. It seemed that all the people left the incomplete work and vanished. After this they could not find the address. The population of this village will have been around 2000.


4. The Devil’s Sea

This is called Devils or Dragon’s Triangle. This is exactly the same kind of puzzle built in the Pacific Ocean, like Bermuda in the Atlantic. The Japanese government has also forbidden fishermen from fishing in this area.

Located: It is located near Japan. 10 Places In World More Mysterious Than The Bermuda Triangle

Bizarre incidents: Vivid lights, objects and human figures are visible. The people disappear in a mysterious way.

In 1952, the Japanese government sent a team to Ship Kao Maru number 5 to know the authenticity of the incidents of this area, but it disappeared with crew members and 31 people.

Another story from the Devil’s C is also linked to the dangerous invader Kublai Khan. He wanted to attack Japan. In this attempt 40,000 people disappeared in this area.


5. Bridgewater Triangle

Located: South of South Boston in Massachusetts (South America) south of Boston.

Area: Spread over 200 sq km area.

Bizarre incidents: – There have been many strange and mysterious creatures and lights in this area.

There were many reports in the 1970s that long-haired apes were seen here.

In 1976, a person with a red-eyed person was seen with a dog like a monster.

Here a mysterious black helicopter has been seen here.


6. Bennington Triangle

Located: America’s Southwestern is located in Vermont. This mysterious triangle is located in the middle of Glastenbury Mountain. This is located near Bennington, Woodford, Softberry and Somerset.

Bizarre incidents: Human figures, bizarre voices and light appear in this area. The Americans consider it a cursed area. Legend is that the wild man roams here and many mysterious creatures appear in the forests.

1945: – Manny Rivers was a guide in this area. On November 12, 1945, he lost somewhere on the way while returning to the camp. After this, he did not know. This incident happened on the nearby long rail road. 75-year-old Mandy was familiar with the area’s racket. 10 Places In World More Mysterious

1949: Three hunters disappeared in this area. After this his address could never be known.

1949: The person James E. Jefford disappears in the Bennington area. After that, he could not even know.


7. San Luis Valley

Located: San Louis Valley, spread across the US state of Colorado, extends up to some parts of New Mexico.

Area: This valley with an area of ​​8000 square miles is 196 km long and 119 km wide.

Bizarre Incidents: Seen Mysterious Shapes

Pets Hunting Events He had wounds in his body. The body parts are also missing, but do not see any single drop of blood.

A woman named Judy Mossolin saw UFO on her farm. He has witnessed more than 50 UFO sightings since 2000.


8. Point Pleasant

Status: Point Pleasant is a small town in the US state of West Virginia. Here is the confluence of the Ohio and Kanva rivers.

Bizarre incidents: A mysterious creature scared people from November 1966 to December 1967 for this small town of West Virginia. The 7-feet long cena was quite wide. People called him a fatman. He had a blinking eyes and the 10 feet long hair was hanging up to the ground. It was visible to many people.

On December 15, 1967, 46 people died after collapsing Silver Bridge. After this, the Motman was never seen again.