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10 Must Visit God Sun Temples of India

10 Must Visit God Sun Temples of India


1. Sun Temple, Modhera

This temple is situated about 100 kilometers from Ahmadabad. It is believed that this temple was built by Emperor Bhimdev Solanki I. Here also a inscription is found in this regard. Solanki was Suryavanshi, he used to worship the sun as a totem Therefore, he decided to build a magnificent Sun Temple for the worship of his divine deity. Thus, the Sun Temple of Modhera took shape. India has three oldest sun temple in which the first is the Konark temple of Odis-ha, the second Martand temple situated in Jammu and the Surya temple of Modhera in Gujarat.


2. Konark Sun Temple

Konark Sun Temple is dedicated to the Sun God. Built in the form of a chariot, this temple is a unique example of India’s medieval architecture. This Sun Temple was built by King Narasimha Deo in the 13th Century. The temple is known throughout the world for its distinctive shape and crafts. 10 Must Visit God Sun Temples of India

According to Hindu belief, there are twelve pairs of wheels in the chariot of the Sun God and 7 horses are engaged in it to pull the chariot. This temple of Konark built in the form of a chariot also has stone wheels and horses. Such a magnificent temple can hardly be anywhere in the world. To see this, tourists from all over the world come here. The sun statue here has been preserved in the Jagannath temple of Puri and now there is no god idol here.


3. Martand Sun Temple

This temple was constructed in the medieval era during the 7th to 8th centuries. King Lalithaditya of the Sun Dynasty constructed this temple on a plateau near a small town Anantnag.

It is calculated in the main works of Lalitaditya. There are 84 columns in it, which are kept at regular intervals. Lime stone bricks are used to make the temple, which reflects the skill of the artists of the time.


4. Belaur Surya Mandir

This temple was built by the King Suba. Later, King Suba, who created 52 pokhra (ponds) in Belaure village, was called by the name of King Baavan Sub. Located on the western and southern tip of the Belaur village of Bhojpur district of Bihar, the Valor Sun Temple is quite ancient.

This sun temple is situated in the middle of a puddle in 52 Pokhro, built by King. During the Chhath Maha Parva, more than one lakh devotees come every year, including devotees of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.


5. Jhalrapatan Sun Temple

Jhalarapatna, the second twin city of Jhalawar, is also called the city of the valleys. The central temple in the city is the main tourist spot of Jhalarapatna. This temple is also important in terms of architecture.

It was built in the 10th century by the Parmar dynasty kings of Malwa. The temple of Lord Vishnu is situated in the sanctum of the temple. It is also called Padmanabhas Temple. 10 Must Visit God Sun Temples of India


6. Martand Temple Pattern

The Sun temple in the heart of the famous Sun Temple in Martand of South Kashmir has also been built in Jammu. The temple is mainly built in three parts. In the first part, Lord Surya is riding on the chariot, which is pulling seven horses.


7. Aungari Sun Temple

The famous Sun Dham Aangari of Nalanda and the Sun Temple of Badgaon are famous all over the country. It is believed that after bathing in the sun pond, worshiping in the temple gives liberation from many incurable diseases, including leprosy. 10 Must Visit God Sun Temples of India


8. Sun Temple, Unnao

The Sun temple of Unnao is named as the Bahenya Deo Temple. It is located in Unnao in Madhya Pradesh. In this temple, the Lord is a stone statue of the Sun, which is located on a structure made of brick. On which the black metal layer is raised. Also, along with the 21 triangular symbols of Sun representing 21 arts, is dependent on the temple.


9. Ranakpur Surya Temple

Located in the place called Ranankpur in Rajasthan, this Sun Temple is made of white marble in civil style. This unique example of Indian architecture was built by Jainis which is situated about 98 km from Udaipur.


10. Sun Temple, Ranchi

Located on Ranchi Tata Road, 39 kilometers from Ranchi, this Sun Temple is close to Bundu. The 7 built with marble, this temple has been built in the form of Lord Surya on 18 wheels and 7 horses chariot. A special fair is organized every year on 25th January.


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