10 Most Frightening Torture Techniques Of Medieval Age

10 Most Frightening Torture Techniques Of Medieval Age : The medieval period is considered to be the most barbaric era of human history. Various barbaric battles were fought in this period. To punish your enemies, rebels or those who break the law, such barbarous, Gothic methods have been earmarked in this era, who will hear and read about your happiness. We will tell you about 10 Most Frightening Torture Techniques Of Medieval Age.


1. Impalement

In the 15th century, Vlad was the prince of Variacia. Vlad is also known as Dracula. That’s because he was extremely cruel. When the crime was proved, he ordered the sharpened poles to cross the victim’s body. The thickness of the poles was so great that any person’s soul was shocked to see him.

The person who was punished for this punishment was forced to sit on the forced sharp poles. The pole gradually slipped out of her body. Normally the victim was placed on the pole in such a way that the pole part of the pole should come to the chin on the body and stop once and then slowly cross the chin bone. This was done so that the culprit had to suffer for long periods. In this way, after three days of unbearable pain on the pole, the victim died.

It is said that during the reign of Vlad, he had given punishment to 20000 to 300,000 people. Vlad was a solemn person who used to enjoy great pleasure in seeing this while eating food. Think of it, then how did ANIMAL-ISM express his head up?


2. Judas Cradle

The Jewish crib was less painful than the sharp pole in one-handed sight, but it was a weapon to torment people. People were nude and placed in Jewish cows. This process of torture was extremely scary. The victim was hanged in a ringanuma vacant seat tied to three places. Then it would have been set up to raise the jewels.

During this, the victim’s feet were bound to the rope, some people standing below were caught. As soon as the order of punishment is received, people pull the rope perfectly. It is worth mentioning that the woman was reversed and punished by holding the man directly on this murderous weapon. During this sentence, people used to pull the rope for hours. Occasionally, to increase the pain, they were also able to hang extra weight on the victim.


3. Coffin Torture

It was called Coffin Harassment. It was quite popular in the Middle Ages. If you are interested, then you have seen in a Hollywood movie like this. The victim was imprisoned in this cage so that he could not move from his place. After this the cage was hung from a tree.

This kind of punishment was given for serious offenses like blasphemy. The victim had either eat man-eaten animal or used to be a bite of birds. However, the viewers used to attack the victim on the stones to increase the pain.


4. The Rack

The rack of which we can call bone breaks in the common language. This torture was considered the most painful in the Middle Ages. Shanking shayya is a wooden frame. There were two wooden straps that were raised above the liver. Liver was on both sides of the Shayya. Both slabs had sharp nails.

At the time of punishment, the victim’s hands were tied and tied on it. Then the game of torture would start. On each side of the bed, one person raises the liver firmly and strips the victim’s bones with the sound of grin as the lease raises. These games will run until the sufferer breaks down. “10 Most Frightening Torture Techniques Of Medieval Age”


5. The Breast Ripper

These harassment was only given to women. If a woman was found to have had an intimate relationship with another man or if such allegation was proved then she would have been harassed through the breast ripper. The ripper was pressed with a woman’s breast. However, not only did the history of hankity, but the pinch of this weapon was used to fire on fire.

During this torture, the bulge of the victim was completely removed. In this sentence, most of the women died.


10 Most Frightening Torture Techniques Of Medieval Age


6. The Pear of Anguish

Looking at the picture, you can imagine how small the weapon can prove to be painful for the victim. This spiked weapon is split into four parts after rotating the pitch attached upwards.

In the mouth of those who lie in this weapon, the pain of the abortion women was inserted into the vagina. As it turned out, it would grow bigger, so that the sufferer suffered unbearable pain, then his skin bursts and bones broke. In the end, the accused will die.


7. The Breaking Wheel

The breaking wheel was also known as the Catherine Wheel. The victim did not survive. But he used to torture him so much that the person’s soul was shivering. The victim was tied with a wheel and struck with a hammer till then, until his body bones broke. Then he would be left to die.

Occasionally the victim was placed on a high wheel so that the bird could eat only the life of a broken person. It is also said that those who had mercy, they were struck with hammer only on the chest and stomach. However, the victim did not alive in any aspect.


8. Saw Torture

The punishment was given to the victim for gross and serious crime. It was tied with the support of a pillar and tied back to the victim’s feet. Inverted was hanged so that the blood supply to his brain continued and that the person remained alive for longer periods of time.

After that, he took a large saw and cut it slowly from the middle. A criminal could be cut into two parts.


9. The Head Crusher

It was a common technique used in Spain in medieval times. In the picture you can see that a capillary instrument is designed for harassment. The head of the victim was tied to this cap. After this, a person slowly started to move the liver. As the liver swirls, the rods attached to the cap are coming near. Then in one stroke the victim’s head bursts with the voice.


10. The Knee Splitter

This weapon was also used in Spain. Seeing this weapon, you can get an idea of ​​how dangerous it will be. This is called a nee splitter. In it, the knees of the feet were pressed and frozen and their knees bones were broken.

The use of this weapon would not have killed anyone, but the knee of that person was not of any use. Sometimes it was used on elbow other than knees.


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