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10 Most Amazing Weirdest Statues Ever Made | Rock statue

10 Most Amazing Weirdest Statues Ever Made : Rock statue means cutting a very big rock or hill and giving it to an idol. The tradition of making rock statue has been auspicious for this millennium. Today we will tell you about the 10 huge and amazing Rock Statues of world. Many of these statues are thousands of years old. Here are the list of 10 Most Amazing Weirdest Statues Ever Made.


1. Great Sphinx of Giza: Egypt

‘Great Sphinx’ is one of the oldest and largest statues in the world. This is a mystery bigger than thousands of years and archeology has also made a serious issue of debate. It has been given the name of an animal in Greek mythology. A variety of assumptions were made about the classical age of the Greek class 2000 years ago.

Many archaeologists believe that ‘The Great Sphinx’ was prepared during the reign of Ferro emperors. Some scholars believe that it was prepared during the fourth generation of the Greek Dynasty. Some other researchers believe that the ‘Sphinx’ was formed in Giza with the Great Pyramid. This idol of Egypt’s lost civilization boasts mystery and adventures today.


2. Leshan Giant Buddha: Leshan, China

The statue of Lord Buddha built on stone in Leshan of China is 233 feet (71 meters) high. This statue was prepared in the eighth century on the hill of Shijuo. It seems as if the idol is watching three rivers. Its face is towards Mount Emei.

Mount Emei is a sacred religious place of Buddhists. At the time of its construction there was a 13-story structure made of wood. It was plated with gold. During the Yuan Dynasty’s tenure, Mongol invaders destroyed it.


3. Colossal Statue of Shapur I: Iran

This is the statue of the second Sassanian king Shapar I Shapar ruled from 240 AD to 272 AD. He was a free and strict administrator. His 21 feet (6.7 m) high was prepared in the Stachu Shapur cave. This place is close to the ancient city of Bisapur. After 14th century it damaged damage by earthquake. It does not have a hand and foot, but it was kept quite handy.

10 Most Amazing Weirdest Statues Ever Made


4. Tirthankara Jain Sculptures: Gwalior, India

Beautiful idols of Tirthankars are found in ancient Jain temples and cave shrines all over India. In the Gwalior city of Madhya Pradesh, more than 100 Tirthankara sculptures have been built on the rocky hill. Only heads appear. The idol of Adinath (Rishabhdev) is 57 feet (17 meters) high in terms of size. It is believed that these statues were constructed between the 7th century and the 15th century.


5. Statue of Decebalus: Orsova, Romania

This statue was made on the banks of the Danube river 131 feet (40 meters) in Orsova, Romania. This is Europe’s highest rock statue. It is 26 feet high from Rio de Janearia’s Christ the Redeemer. Construction of Statue of King Desebals of Romania began in 1994 and completed in 2004. “10 Most Amazing Weirdest Statues Ever Made”

This king of Romania was of the Dasyian tribe. He took power in 85 A.D. Decebalus had defeated Rome’s armies three times in his life, but he suffered defeat in 105 AD. Ultimately, he committed suicide and the kingdom of Daisia ​​became a province of the Roman Empire.


6. Mount Rushmore: South Dakota, United States

Although Mount Rushmore is not too old, but seeing the size of it, this list is incomplete without it. The construction of Mount Rushmore was started in 1927 and it took 14 years to complete. In the first stage, many rocks were removed by dynamite here. Then 400 skilled craftsmen had prepared it with the hard work of 14 years. It has engraved images of four US Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln.


7. The Giant Maitreya Buddha of Binglíng Sì, China

Bingling Temple is a canyon along the Yellow River in China. This temple has more than 600 rock statue that were prepared during 1000 years. The great Maitreya Buddha is the largest of them, its height is 100 feet. Here only can be reached by boat in the summer season. 10 Most Amazing Weirdest Statues Ever Made


8. Avukana Buddha Statue: Kekirawa, Sri Lanka

This 40 feet high statue was constructed in the 5th century. It has been constructed with the same granite rock, but the lotus flower has been made separately in the feet.


9. The Appennine Colossus: Florence, Italy

It was built in 1579 in the villa in the Gardner of Medici. It was created by Giambologna to fulfill the fad of his mistress. The specialty of this idol is that there is a small room for many fountains and orchestra inside it.


10. Dying Lion of Lucerne: Lucerne, Switzerland

This statue was constructed in honor of the Swiss guards killed in a massacre of 1792 in the French Revolution. The 33 feet long and 20 feet wide image was engraved on the wall of a loose sandstone mine. It was built by a Swiss guard Karl Pfyffer von Altishofen who was escaped because of being on the run. Its construction started in 1818 and was completed in 1821.


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You will never get a second chance at making a great 1st impression, or  the art of French kissing is 1 of those life experiences that you want to get right the 1st time. French kissing can be a lot of fun if it's done correctly; but get it wrong, and/or it could be a relationship turn off. French kissing correctly begins with the knowledge of step by step instructions from those that have mastered the art of French kissing.

How to French Kiss Step by Step


1. Preparation

Successful French kissing begins with proper oral hygiene or a bit of planning. Be careful what you eat. Obvious turn-offs such as onions, garlic, or tuna are not wise choices, but other food items such as alcohol, cheese, or spicy foods, can also make your mouth a no go zone. Whenever possible, keep a travel toothbrush or a breath mint with you, you're going to want to make sure that your breath is fresh before you begin planting the passionate kiss.  

2. Find the Right Angle

When you are ready, lean in to your partner at an angle that avoids any collision with your nose. You will also want to angle your head back to avoid bumping heads. Begin this step going in while gazing deeply into your partner's eyes, and close them as you lean in for the kiss.  

3. Moisturize and Start Slow

Before your lips meet for the first time, take a moment to lick your lips to moisturize them. Start out slowly placing tiny kisses beginning at the corner, and working them to the center of your partner's lips. You will want to control the closed mouth kiss, enjoying the friction of your lips against your partner's while building up passion for the open mouth French kiss. Make sure your heads are in a comfortable position before moving on to the next step.  

4. Work the Way In

Now try deepening the kiss by opening your mouth slightly and encourage her lips apart with your lips. Take your time, it's not a marathon, if your partner shows any signs of withdrawing, resume closed mouth kissing. But if your partner appears to be enjoying it, keep parting her lips, moving them in a slow, circular motion. The idea is to start with slow movements to open the mouth as passion intensifies, and the kisses become steamy.

5. The Tongue Comes into Play

French kissing is not complete until you use your tongues. You can start by tracing your partner's lips with your tongue, or inserting your tongue gently in their mouth. Be patient and try coaxing their tongue to interact with yours. The goal is to get the mouth open, so your tongues can take the passion to new levels.  

6. Have Fun!

Once you have succeeded, you can alternatively touch your partner's tongue gently, and explore the inside of their mouth. Try alternating lips with tongue and start touching tongues against each other lightly, but going back to the lips frequently, which acts as a simulation of the sexual act itself. Once you're passionately kissing, use your tongue as a tool to explore and have fun with your partner, kissing gently, but passionately.

7. Don't Forget to Breathe

As silly as it might sound, don't forget to breathe! Remember that when French kissing, you will not want to run out of breath. You should be able to comfortably enjoy the moment, exploring your partner's mouth and tongue. Focus on the moment, enjoy the sensations, explore possibilities to increase the pleasure; but above all, keep up the intensity of the kiss, and show your partner just how much you love to French kiss them.

8. Stop Slowly

Don't just stop all at once. Gently roll back the intensity of your French kissing until you're back to those lip touching kisses, and let them trail off gradually.
If it still bothers you with the how to French kiss step by step instructions above, watch this for a clearer demonstration:

Tips for Better Kissing

1. Good Hygiene

Aside from having a clean mouth, you'll also want to have a clean body prior to any date. Proper hygiene includes bathing or showering, and using a good deodorant. The cleaner you are, the more irresistible you'll be for your date.

2. Proper Grooming

Before you apply the instructions of how to French kiss step by step, pay attention to your appearances. You don't have to wear fancy clothing, but you'll want to dress up for the occasion. Make sure whatever you wear compliments your overall appearance. Your clothes should be clean and attractive; and the more attractive you appear, the more inclined your partner will be in getting close up and personal.

3. Appropriate Lipstick (for Girls)

Do not overdo it, ladies! As it relates to lipstick, try using a shade that is flattering your lips, making them look kissable. A nice touch might be using lip-gloss, as long as it's not too sticky. Remember not to wear heavy or darker shades of lipstick; it just ends up making a mess of you and your partner's face.

4. Before the Kiss

It's important to set the stage before the kiss. You'll want to slowly and gradually ease your date into the mood. This is accomplished by exchanging loving looks, and gazing into each other's eyes. Gently stroking your partner's hair or face, caressing the back of the neck, or rubbing your partner's earlobe, sets up the very passionate French kiss.

5. Keep It Private

Unless you're into public displays of affection, French kisses, especially the first ones, should be in a private setting. Try setting the mood with some music, it will probably enhance the romantic moment.

6. Additional Tips

Things you should look out for with the how to French kiss step by step instructions:
  • If you're sitting on a couch or love seat, turn towards each other.
  • Learn to know the difference between if they're toying with you, or teasing you, by refusing to get closer.
  • Pull your partner closer to you using gentle pressure, but try not to be insistent or forceful.
  • If your partner shows any sign of resistance, slow down or stop completely.

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