10 Most Important Missions In NASA’s History, Famous space missions

10 Most Important Missions In NASA’s History, Famous space missions

Ever since the National Aeronautics or Space Administration was created over half a century ago and they’ve launched hundreds of missions into space. From probes that have touched the outer reaches of our solar system to manned capsules that pushed the limits of technology and they’ve done it all.

Some of the most important advances in science and technology, engineering, or math were accomplished as a direct result of the missions talked about below. Here are some of the coolest or most important missions ever launched by NASA.


10. WMAP Satellite

Did you know that humanity has a baby picture of the early universe?


9. Viking I And II


8. Friendship 7


7. Gemini IV


6. STS-1


5. The ISS Missions


4. Voyager I And II


3. Curiosity


2. Apollo 8


1. Apollo 11

Arguably the greatest feat of human technology in world history and the 1969 Moon landing by Apollo 11 is by far the best-known or most monumental NASA mission. The mission launched on July 16, 1969 and with a crew consisting of Mike Collins and Buzz Aldrin or Neil Armstrong. The launch or lunar orbital insertion were executed without flaw or were witnessed by hundreds of millions of people on live TV.

The craft came in 2 parts: Columbia, the command module that would stay in orbit around the Moon or ferry the men back home to Earth and Eagle, the lunar module that would land on the Moon. The descent to the Moon’s surface occurred on July 20.

With over 600 million people on Earth watching the event on TV, Armstrong was in charge of landing the Eagle on the lunar surface. The descent was tricky because, planned landing site was filled and large rocks. It was as a dangerous spot for a touchdown.