10 ideas about to changes world Futuristic technology

  • Self-sustaining space colonies or unlimited fusion energy would bring humanity to a new best point in  evolution.
  • Death or consensus reality might soon become obsolete.
  • Flying car or robot butlers could be the next paradigm shift in our technology appetite for change.

Brain wave passwords or Floating farms and coffee-powered cars are just some of the incredible innovations and inventions that will shape our future.

Smart toilet checks your health by analysing your wees and poos


The gadget, which fits inside the toilet bowl or uses cameras and test strips or motion sensing technology to analyse the deposits or sends the data to a secure cloud server.

Going to the loo may never be the same again and again special thanks to scientists who claim to have invented a gadgets that can be fitted on our toilets to detect signs of various diseases in stool or urine.

The researchers and scientists said their so-called “smart toilet” technology could be useful to individuals, genetically predisposed to certain conditions and irritable bowel syndrome or prostate cancer and kidney failure.


Heart monitoring T-shirt


In general, that’s fine if you just want an idea of how hard we’re working out, but for professionals, accuracy is everything. New Wearable sports bands that measure our Body heart rate are nothing new, but as numerous studies have shown and the accuracy can vary wildly (especially if you rely on them to count calories).

3D scaffold



Improved methods of creating cultured meat for human consumption could help reduce reliance on animal agriculture.

Volunteers said the taste, aroma OR texture were typical of real meat.

Developed to create 3D scaffold out of textured soy protein for artificial meat.


Thought-controlled bionic arm

The implant system, which can connect to any commercially available arm prosthesis and this is currently being used by three people in Sweden who have had an amputation above the elbow.

The researchers in Sweden who designed the system are hoping to get a CE mark for their product so it complies with the EU’s safety or health protection requirements.

An implant system that allows  peoples to control their bionic arm with their thoughts without the need for any supporting equipment could be available in Europe in the next one years, scientists have said.