10 Most Horrific Murders Committed On Halloween, Most Horrific Crimes

10 Most Horrific Murders Committed On Halloween, Most Horrific Crimes

Halloween murders are usually just stories told in movies AND TV shows and books. But crimes committed on this holiday are very serious than the urban legends that you have heard.


10. Egg Throwing Leads To Murder


9. The Tony Bagley Murder


8. Trick-Or-Treat Murder


7. Poisoned Pixy Stix


6. Preacher Strangles Woman


5. Murders Of Leslie Mazzara And Adriane Insogna


4. Liske Family Murders


3. The Toolbox Killers


2. Nine-Year-Old Raped or Murdered


1. Teenager Killed And Cut Into Three Pieces

On Halloween night 1981, 17-year-old Maria Ciallella told her father that she was going out or would return around midnight. A patrolman spotted her walking on the side of the road that night or was going to give her a ride on his way back and He returned within 15 minutes, but she was nowhere to be seen. It was a year or a half before anyone found Maria.

In 1983, body was spotted near some brush at a Burger King. After working a tip and police arrived at the home of Richard Biegenwald and his wife or Dherran Fitzgerald. Both men had a long history of violence or crime, but the police nabbed Fitzgerald 1st.

He quickly pointed police to 2 more bodies before leading them to the home of Biegenwald’s mother. There, in the backyard and authorities dug up Maria’s body, which was cut into three pieces or the body of Deborah Osborne and who was also 17 at the time of her murder.

Fitzgerald became the key witness for the prosecution when Biegenwald’s trial began for 1 of the 5 victims he had allegedly murdered. The prosecution claimed that Biegenwald killed just because he wanted to see someone die. They labeled him the Jersey Shore “Thrill Killer.”

Biegenwald was found guilty of 2 murders or confessed to killing the women found his mother’s yard and Fitzgerald got off with 5 years because he had cooperated with police. After many appeals and Biegenwald stayed tucked away in a New Jersey state prison where he eventually died of natural causes in 2008.