10 Gadgets You Should Avoid While Studying

10 Gadgets You Should Avoid While Studying:

Gadgets seem to have occupied a significant amount of time in our daily living. We are hardly found without electronic items around us. Media in its influence is becoming a general unhealthy lifestyle. Yet, something we can hardly do away with. It’s definitely not a solution, to completely abandon them and live like nomads, going back into centuries. However, when they creep into study time, leading to distractions, it’s advisable to avoid at least some of the most distracting ones. When the phone keeps beeping you, with instant messages and you feel the need to change the music playlist every now and then, the mathematics problems when seem to be solved better in a calculator, it’s time to keep those devils away for those few hours of studying. So that those stressful exams are not made stressful further by these techno devices. Here’s listing you ten gadgets you should most definitely try and not keep around you while studying.

10 Gadgets You Should Avoid While Studying



10.  Television

9. Web Camera

8. Wii Console or Playstation

7. Wifi port or Dongle or Remote controls.

6. Fitness Equipments

5.  Bluetooth Ear device

4. Headphones and Speakers

3. Calculator

2. IPod or Mp3 Player

1. Phone

The recent advert of Android and the new era of Smartphone, has led to war over the virtual world built inside it to the real world outside. It causes immense distraction while studying. Text messages, email alerts, phone calls, app notifications, rage-filled birds, a boy running across temple corridors and constant beeping of Blackberry or Whatsapp all beg for your attention. This constant need to connect with friends can be at best avoided, if one may so wish to. The access to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc the urge to see what everyone else is up to along with what you may be willing to tell the world about yourself, is a sign of complete restlessness. It causes anxiety in one’s self and unnecessary information unregulated by mind, takes your attention of the study.  Unless you are using your smartphone to contribute to your online college course or clear fundamental doubts you are probably just using it to waste some imperative valuable time during study.

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