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Famous Serial Killers | 10 Female Serial Killers In The World : There have been many serial killers all over the world, who have done such horrific acts, who can shudder to the God by listening to them. For such serial killers, death sentence is also less. The name of the serial killer comes only as the image of a man emerges, but it is not so, there have been many dangerous women serial killers in history.


Who is serial killer

The serial killer is actually a person who makes three or more murders. It can be said of a fad or illness because killing people is not less than a pastime, whether it is a man or a woman Anyway, the statement of many serial killers of the world has become clear that they are comforted by seeing the blood emanating from the victim’s body. Let’s know about 9 such women serial killers of the world who have done dangerous crime.


1. Elizabeth Bathory, Hungary

Elizabeth Bathory is known as the most dangerous and female woman serial killer in history. During 1585 to 1610, to save his youth, he slew more than 600 girls in his palace and washed his blood. Elizabeth Bathory was related to the high-profile Bathory family of the Hungarian empire.

In Elizabeth Bathory’s mind, it was foul that if she would take bath with the blood of virgin virgin girls, she would always be a soldier. This fierce person made him the world’s number one serial killer. Three of his servants also used to support him in this work. she used to call poor girls of nearby villages lure them to work on good money in their palace.

But as soon as the palace came, the girls started to have a bad day. There, they were severely tortured before death. They were beating with vandalism, their hands were burnt or cut. Many times he used to remove the flesh of the girls’ faces or other body parts from the teeth. Finally, he was assassinated and his blood was collected in a tub, in which Elizabeth Bathory baths. 10 Female Serial Killers In The World Or Famous Serial Killers


2. Joanne Dennehy, England

Joanne world’s most dangerous woman serial killer, has been sentenced to life imprisonment. Joan, 31, has killed 10 people with her life, including her husband. Joan, the mother of two, is such a dangerous serial killer that she can never be released from prison.

Joanne killed two people in nine minutes at the time when he was walking his dogs with knives. According to Joan, he kills people for fun. Despite being sentenced to life imprisonment, he has no problem.


3. Aileen Wuornos, Florida, America

Aileen Carroll Wuornos was born on February 29, 1956 in Rochester, Michigan. Aileen had heard of the murder of 7 men between 1989 and 1990 in Florida. According to Vrounos, he killed only those people who tried to rape him.

Aileen never killed anyone with the intention of stealing. However, in some incidents he had stolen valuables. He killed the same people who persecuted him or raped him. Although he always claimed that he committed suicide in self-defense.

During the hearing of the case between 1992 and 1993, he remained on his reply, but he was convicted of seven murders and sentenced to death by the court. On October 9, 2002, he was eliminated by injection.


10 Female Serial Killers In The World | Famous Serial Killers


4. Belle Gunness, Norway

Belle Sorenson Gunness was born November 11, 1859 in Norway, has committed more than 40 murders. Like other female killers, he also killed his family members and relatives for the sake of money. 6 feet long Belle Gunness was quite strong. In 1884, he married Maddus Datlow Sorenson.

In the year 1900, he also killed two children with his first husband, Detlev, and after receiving the sum of his insurance, he took the other two children to America and went to Indiana. In 1908, he burned him alive after having a dispute with one of his servants. Shortly afterwards, his house was set on fire and both of his children were found dead on the bed.

Sorenson’s fear of death of a woman’s head was found in the house, but later, when the length of the body was found, it was found that it was not his dead body, because it was 6 feet.


5. Beverly Allitt, England

Born in England’s Grantham Town on October 4, 1968, Beverly was a nurse in the Lincolnshire hospital while killing many children. Beverly had given injuries to children, as well as many children had injections of air bubbles. Despite this, the police could not prove that they were murdered. Later, he was detained from Rampton Secure Hospital in Nottinghamshire.

Beverly has 7-week Liam Taylor, 11-year-old Timothy Hardwick, 1-year-old Calle Desmond, 5-month-old Paul Crompton, 5-year-old Bradley Gibson, two-year-old Yong Hung Chan, two months of Becky Phillips and Katie Phillips and 15 months Had murdered Clarie Peck. Top 10 Female Serial Killers In The World And Famous Serial Killers


6. Marie Delphine Lalaurie, America

Mary Delphine Lallauri was born in 1775 around the US in New Orleans. She lived with her husband and children around 1820. Lalauri’s image was as a socialite. He lived in royal style but his behavior with the servants was very cynical. There was no evidence against him till 1834, but during that time a fire broke out in his house. The fire workers who reached the fire came to his house tied to an old lady chain of 70 years.

The woman told that she had tried to kill herself by using a fire to avoid the horrific punishment. He told that mistress has set up a torture room above. Where servants are given a terrible torture, even their mouths and arms are sealed. When the fire crew arrived in that room, they were surprised to see the sight of it. There were more than 20 people on the face of someone’s face, someone’s hands. Apart from this, many corpses were lying.

It is believed that he had given horrible death to more than 100 servants. However, the police gave the opportunity to run away from the lallauri couple. The Lallauri couple ran away from Paris.


7. Jeanne Weber, France

French child killer Jenny Weber murdered 10 innocent children, including her two children. In 1908, Weber was termed as deranged by the court. In 1905, Weber murdered three children, including his two children. Everyone felt it was natural death.

After this he killed his sister-in-law’s one and a half year old daughter. Weber strangled his brother’s 7-year-old daughter, Ger-main, and strangled him. Weber killed most of his family and relatives only by killing children. In 1918, Weber succumbed to his injuries by hanging in a mad house.


8. Maria Catherina Swanenburg, Netherlands

Maria Catherine Swanenberg was born on September 9, 1839 in Leiden, Netherlands. The Dutch serial killers were suspected in more than 27 murders and more than 90 deaths. Between 1880 and 1883, Maria gave injections of arsenic poison to about 102 people, of which 27 had died.

45 of these people had to suffer health problems for life. Maria’s intention behind these killings was to grab the money of victims’ insurance. Maria’s first victim was her mother in 1880. After this he also murdered his father in the greed of money.


9. Juan Barraza “Old Lady Killer”, Mexico

The ‘Old Lady Killer’, known as the Juan Barraza, has slaughtered eleven elderly women while maiding work in different houses of the Mexican capital from 2000 to 2006. Although it is believed that he has executed at least 40 murders. It is considered the most notorious serial killer in the history of Mexico.

This murderer used to travel in different parts of the streets of Mexico City and affected the elderly women and offered a clean-up job to them. Once the person who hired him, later used to kill him with some clothes, a curtain lanyard or phone wire or anything else in the house.


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