World top 10 most Expensive Chocolates in the World

World Top 10 Most Expensive Chocolates in the World


Chocolates…is One word which brings a smile on every face. From a kid to an adult everybody loves chocolates.and It is the perfect gift for every occasion and/or also for situations where there is no occasion.and If you want to say thank you, and give a chocolate to the If you want to say sorry to the person give a chocolate to the person.and It can convey each feeling attached to it.
But have you ever thought when this chocolate got evolved?And Have you ever traced the experiments people have done with the chocolate or inventions – masterpieces they have crafted?or Just to give a start let me tell you that chocolate evolved in 1900 BC and/or from then till now they have been experimented with chocolates and/or now chocolates are available in different forms,and look taste.
The most successful experiment, chocolate has been with the jewelry from where it has evolved into, perfect gift idea.and In this article I will list World top 10 Most expensive chocolates in the world which will also give you some perfect gifting an ideas.

 10.  The Aficionado’s Collection Chocolates ($275)

The Aficionado’s Collection Chocolates

Are you 1st of those who love the smell of cigars?and Then Aficionado’s Collection Chocolates created by grauer is the one just for you.and They smell like cigars but their taste is completely different. You may find them in flavors like milk chocolate and Italian roasted Hazelnut etc.


9.Delafee ($504)


Delafee is a product of Switzerland. and Swiss chocolates are well-known for their satisfying or sensual chocolate experience throughout the world.and These chocolates better known as “Golden Truffle” are made from grand Cru chocolate from Ecuador or gold-leaf. The gold on the truffles shine like a star ad represent a symbol of success or beauty.


8. Michel Cluizel Box of Assorted Treats ($895)

Michel Cluizel Box of Assorted Treats

Michel Cluizel is into chocolate making business since 1948.And The chocolate making business runs in the family or they own 1st of the few independent chocolate companies which manufacture from beginning of the process to the very end. And They own cocoa bean farms in almost every region of the world where cocoa is grown.

7. Gold and Diamond Chocolates ($1,250)

Gold and Diamond Chocolates

Are you looking for the very most innovative way to propose?and Then my friend here is where your search ends.and These chocolates are made from royal collection of cocoa gourmet.

Another advantage is you will get a collection of 12 chocolates in 1 box. These Twelve chocolates will contain four 22 carat Gold chocolates, 4 pure silver chocolates, 4 sweet diamond ones. So you have a variety in taste or jewelry right in your hands.

6. Wispa Gold Wrapped Chocolate ($1,628)

Wispa Gold Wrapped Chocolate

Wispa Gold Wrapped Chocolate is a product of Cadbury.And Cadbury is a  well-known brand in the chocolates domain.and Cadbury has provided its customers with varied chocolates with different price tags.

5. Knipschildt Chocolatier($2,600)

Knipschildt Chocolatier

Fritz Knipschildt is the master behind the creation of this chocolate. And He has used world is finest ingredients to create this chocolate. And The unique quality of this chocolate is each chocolate is made by hand, the taste is uniform for each piece.


4. Swarovski studded Chocolates ($10,000)

Swarovski studded Chocolates

Ahhhaa!! This is the feeling which will come into your heart by the look or taste of this chocolate.and If any of your friend who is a chocoholic and you are looking for gifting ideas, and then this is a perfect solution.


3. Golden Speckled Egg ($11,107)

Golden Speckled Egg

 This egg is the masterpiece of William Curley. He is Guinness World Record Holder for introducing to the world first non-jeweled chocolate egg. This egg was sold at an auction for $11,107. It was bought by Cyrus Vandrevala – the famous technology investor.


2. Frrozen Haute chocolate ($25,000)

Frrozen Haute chocolate

Hot chocolates!! Its name is enough to bring water in our mouth or make us hungry. and Imagine a desert served in front of you which is just not hot chocolate but a combination of some of the best 28 (twenty eight) cocoas selected exclusively from all over the world or edible gold.and I am sure the imagination has done its work on your appetite. Frrozen Haute chocolate is made by New York City eatery Serendipity Three and also has made a spot in Guinness World Records as the most expensive desert.


1. Le Chocolat Box ($1.5 Million)

Le Chocolat Box

When you see Le Chocolat Box,and you won’t be able to keep your senses intact. and The box is designed so beautifully with the chocolates,or jewelry that you will immediately fall in love with the whole concept. and This novel concept is of Simon Jewelers. and They have been very innovative in their thought or have based this box on the concept that to woo any women diamonds or chocolate are 2 things that are top in the list.

The box has a collection of gourmet chocolates from Lake Forest Confections or jewelry from Simon personal jewelry collection. You will find this box with necklaces, earrings and rings, bracelets depending on your choice.and Look wise this box is priceless but as the famous saying goes nothing is free in this world so to acquire this piece of art you have to pay $1.5 Millions.

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