10 Emotional Catastrophes of a Failed Relationship

10 Emotional Catastrophes of a Failed Relationship:

“Love is the irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired”. The feeling of being in love is the most overwhelming emotion. It sweeps you off your feet! You feel so light and you feel so delighted all day long. The day-dreaming passes into the evening too. Love is a strong bond between two people. It keeps them together no matter what. True love is truly enchanting. It is what you can find once in a lifetime.

Yet, love, when lost, leaves a deep scar over people. Moving on from a failed relationship is very hard. It is a traumatizing experience. One goes through a roller coaster ride of gripping emotions. When someone becomes so much part of your life, letting them go all of a sudden leaves you wounded. Nostalgia and missing that special someone becomes your daily routine. The person who meant the world to you is not beside you anymore! You feel so defeated, when the person who you thought would be yours forever breaks up with you. Losing the person you love and losing a part of yourself with them are very hard to get over. The heart seems to be broken beyond repair!  Only time can heal the wound.

10. Suicidal thoughts

9. Lack of interest and enthusiasm in activities

8. Losing self confidence

7. Feeling very lonely and depressed

6. Wanting to get back together again

5. Blaming yourself and feeling guilty

4. Want of another relationship soon

3. Being angry and revengeful

2. Loss of trust and loss of hope

1. Recurring memories that never seem to fade

10 Emotional Catastrophes of a Failed Relationship

10 Emotional Catastrophes of a Failed Relationship

Memories! Something that you cannot let go of, no matter how much you try! All the person gave you is memories. It’s what you are left with. Everything will remind you of the person you have lost. Every sad song you hear, will remind you of the times you both spent. It is not easy to let go! Every update of theirs will remind you of them. If you run into them anywhere, you feel awkward. Seeing their pictures, seeing old pictures of you both together will ache. Listening to that person’s voice will make you miss him/her so much. It takes time and a lot of patience to get over a failed relationship. But hey! Guess what? You’re not alone!

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