10 Most Dangerous Tornadoes in the World

10 Most Dangerous Tornadoes in the World:

Day by day we, the Humans, are advancing in various fields. Technologies, we had discovered, makes our life simple. Despite of all these technological advancements we are at the mercy of Mother Nature. Natural calamities like tornadoes, earth quakes, volcanic eruption etc . proves this statement.

Tornado, also known as cyclone or twisters, occurs due to the clash between the cold dry air moving in one direction and wet winds moving in opposite direction. As a result of this clash,  a violent rotating air column which is in contact with both the earth surface and the clouds is formed. This is the formation of tornado. To measure the extent of tornadoes, we had developed a scale recently. It is known as Fugitive Scale. This scale is used to measure the intensity of tornadoes based on the damages caused by them to buildings and vegetation. The data will be collected from the people who witnessed them, with the help of radar and ground swirl patterns. In the Fugitive scale, the ratings given to the tornadoes would be F0, F1, F2, F3, F4 and F5.  F0 marking denotes very less wind speed and the damages caused by it would be the least. On the other hand, F5 marking denotes the wind travelling at a speed of 419 kilometers per hour or more than it. It could be one of the worst tornadoes. Both F4 and F5 tornadoes could cause severe damage to the people, buildings and farms.

10. St. Louis & East St. Louis Tornado:

9. Natchez Tornado:

8. Belanitsky, Ivanovo & Balino Tornado:

7. Sicily Tornado:

6. Valletta Tornado:

5. Magura and Narail Tornado:

4. Manikganj, Singair & Nawabganj Tornado:

3. Madarganj & Mirzapur Tornado:

2. Tristate Tornado:

1. Daulatpur & Saturia Tornado:

10 Most Dangerous Tornadoes in the World

10 Most Dangerous Tornadoes in the World


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