10 Common Reasons why Children hate their Parents

Parents unconditionally love their children and expect the same from them. Parents cater to their children’s needs, fulfill their demands, help them when required, stand by their side, support them & care for them. They are the candles that burn themselves to light up their children’s lives. They can almost do anything for their children and their betterment.

However, children sometimes do not have the same feeling for their parents. Although, they may respect their parents, or show that they love and care for them, deep down they may even hate their parents for one or more reasons.

10. Over – Strict rules and frequent scolding on breaking them

9. Not paying attention and/or giving time

8. Not fulfilling their demands

7. Fighting

6. Over- protection and extra care

5. Greater affection towards sibling(s)

4. Generation gap; Reluctance to accept new things

3. Double Standards

2. Forcing them to excel

1. Putting restrictions to their ideas in order to impose your own

Today’s world is competitive. Obviously, every parent wants that his/her child must excel in all fields, be it academics, sports, art, music and so on. More than their wish and will, it becomes a matter of prestige for the parents in the society that their children come first in the class or play the sport to represent the city, state or nation. As a result, they compel their kids to excel in as many fields as possible. Even if some field doesn’t interest the child, the parental pressure creates a sense of fear in child’s mind and he/she unwillingly has to participate. In spite of the child expressing his/her dislike towards the particular field, if the parents keep on forcing the child to perform, he/she simply hates his/her parents.



It is quite common for parents to impose their own dreams and ideas on their children even if the children don’t like them. The parents want their children to think and behave exactly as they wish to. They want their children to choose a spouse they like, a career of their interest etc. For instance, if a father could not become a doctor despite of trying hard, he imposes on his son to follow and fulfill his dream of becoming a doctor even though the son wishes to become a basket ball player. The father stops his son from playing the sport and study harder instead. He makes all decisions for his son from what subjects he chooses to what and for how much time he plays and studies. Just like in career, parents impose a lot of their dreams on their children as a result of which children hate their parents.

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