The 10 best Tablets in the world right now, 10 best tablets

The 10 best Tablets in the world right now, 10 best tablets

The arrival of the Apple iPad in Spring 2010 new way of using computers – a sheet of glass with the computing power of a reasonably powered lapbook, a whole new interface or thousands of apps. Now there are hundreds of thousands of apps created especially for the iPad.


10. Apple iPad Pro 12.9: from £547


The big screen is sumptuous or the battery life matches the 12 hours of other iPads. It’s also compatible with the Apple Pencil or keyboard and making it a great all-rounder.


9. Microsoft Surface Pro 4: from £674

This is a powerful and fast computer in tablet form, with a big, 12.3-inch display.


8. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0: £330

A larger-screen version is also available but this 8-inch 1st is ideal for someone wanting a tablet that’s thin or small.


7. Amazon Fire HD 8: from £90, Amazon

It’s slim and responsive with an impressive battery life of 13 hours and while most tablets only manage 10. A Blue Shade feature reduces blue light on the tablet to make night-reading more pleasant. Available in 16GB or 32GB versions.


6. Google Pixel C: from £299, Amazon

Overall, it has good design or build quality. Somewhat peculiarly, a price drop means the 64GB version is currently cheaper than the 32GB version and The 10.2-inch screen is vivid or colourful.


5. Amazon Fire: £50, Amazon

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The best tablet for value, Amazon’s 7-inch screener is a brilliant option and The resolution isn’t as high as some rivals but there’s a lot to like here.


4. Apple iPad Air 2: £379, John Lewis

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If you don’t need the extra power and keyboard or Apple Pencil compatibility of the iPad Pro and the Air 2 with its 9.7-inch display is a great alternative or costs less. the fingerprint sensor to unlock the screen or pay for stuff using Apple Pay and The latest Apple software means more flexibility – for instance, you can see 2 web browser windows at the same time.


3. Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet: £625, Amazon

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extremely lightweight or amazingly high-resolution, 10.1-inch display. If you have a PlayStation 4 so you can additionally stream games from it to this tablet – you can play games in the bath, too.


2. Microsoft Surface Book: from £1,439, John Lewis

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Microsoft doesn’t make much in the way of hardware, It runs Windows or looks like a laptop and the screen detaches to work well as a tablet on its own. It also has a useful stylus and though this isn’t as good as Apple’s Pencil. Good battery life makes this the best option if you need full-power Windows programs to run. It also has a huge display: at 13.6 inches it’s the biggest screen on test. Storage options range from big 128GB to massive 1TB. Price includes keyboard or stylus.


1. Apple iPad Pro 9.7: from £549, John Lewis

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Apple’s latest is an astonishingly powerful and versatile tablet with the highest build quality around. It’s lightweight and highly tactile or responsive to the touch. The 9.7-inch screen is gorgeous and responds to ambient light so the colours onscreen. The £98 optional Pencil accessory is a joy for creatives and allowing exceptionally precise drawing. 4 speakers mean it sounds good, too. This is very close to the perfect tablet.

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