The 10 best attack helicopters in the world

The 10 best attack helicopters in the world

Helicopters are attractive over the battleground as the most used plane for war. When they made the first exterior all through world war two, unknown ever thought that they would change the style in which war is conduct. Today, the more exceptional your war spaces are, the more benefit you have on the battleground. That is the reason why more country are upcoming up with more stylish helicopters to competition the present values of war training. However, you should not be tempt to believe that the helicopters are used for war by yourself; they are also important when it comes to saving mission and even logistics. Today, I will put the hub on the attack helicopters. These are the helicopters that are modified to enhance presentation on the battlefield. The subsequent are the top ten best attack helicopters in the whole world.


10. Z-10


9. MI-24 Hind


8. AH-2 Rooivalk



7. AH-1W Super Cobra



6. A-129/T-129 (Italy/Turkey)


5. AH-1Z Viper



4. Euro copter Tiger



3. MI-28H Havoc (Russia)



2. Kamov KA-50/KA-52



1. AH-64D Apache Long Bow


If you have hear about the sound war, the certainly you have an plan about this super helicopter. The jet was the most controlling helicopter in the war and from the seem of things; it manage to steal the show. Many helicopters were in the war but the AH-64D complete them look very weak and less effectual when it comes to war. I can verify that it was the most influential and most most excellent anti-amour system that exist in the Gulf at that time. The discoverer of the helicopter must have done some brilliant job in pending up with a plane that is not incomplete by anything. The plane is made to function in all sort of situation that you can imagine.


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